On Toilet Humour

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Curiously, almost all of the positive feedback I have received about my blogging to date has been related to the toilet humour content.
I did briefly consider blogging exclusively on matters lavatorial. The thing that dissuaded me was not any concern about my ability to crimp out sufficient words on the topic each week, it was the surprising fact that toilet humour is not enjoyed by all. Like yeast-based spreads, people either love it or hate it.
Toilet humour transcends cultural barriers. In my view, it comes as close as one can get to a universally recognised form of comedy. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that stone age man – perhaps even early hominids such as homo hiedelbergenis – played the old trick of asking their friends to pull their finger when they felt a fart brewing.
Shakespeare famously wrote words to the effect that the man without music in his soul is fit for treason, stratagems and spoils. I contend that those who do not appreciate the humour of the toilet should be viewed with a similar level of suspicion. Their mock horror is a vestige of Victorian era repression, they are not being true to themselves. Like vegetarians, they have turned their back on an essential aspect of their humanity and in so doing they have degraded themselves, becoming mildly sub-human in the process.
Depending on your point of view, the website ratemypoo.com is either outrageously funny or sickeningly depraved. The site first came to my attention in the late ’90s. Back then it was called amialogornot.com, a tremendous piece of innovation using the format pioneered by the then popular amihotornot.com. My all time favourite shot from that site featured not only a huge jobby bobbing in a pan but also its author, crouched down low so that he could get his face into the shot, grinning and giving his turd an enthusiastic thumbs up.
It is of course possible to have too much of a good thing and it is some years since I last ‘logged on’ to ratemypoo.com. Needless to say, in the course of researching this post I had a peek. As I typed into the address bar I felt a slight trepidation, what if the site no longer existed? What if the world had moved on?
Thankfully there was to be no disappointment. To save you the trouble of clicking through any mediocre toleys I have included a link to the current top twenty. Enjoy.

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