Culra Bothy

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Culra bothy with Ben Alder beyond

I’ve been wanting to get into Culra for quite some time so when a couple of friends announced that they were heading in for the weekend I decided to join them for a night and have a day on the hill. I left home after dinner and arrived about 2130 just as the light was fading. For such a remote location it is incredibly accessible – the 15 km cycle to the bothy from Dalwhinnie took me a mere 1’23”; I took it pretty easy because I had my dog with me and there is a fine line between giving him a good run and animal cruelty. Without a dog I reckon it could be done comfortably in an hour.

The approach down the side of Loch Ericht is a breeze on account of a well-maintained road that provides access to a variety of extravagant gothic buildings. The one closest to the camera is a mere gatehouse; the castle beyond is partially obscured by the trees.

Culra is one of the few bothies that is genuinely useful as a base from which to hillwalk or climb. Consequently it has a reputation for being crowded, despite having three separate sections. I had planned to kip in my new tent in an effort to drive the per night cost below that of a Hilton hotel but a light drizzle dissuaded me from leaving the warmth of the bothy. The bothy was quiet on Friday night, with only our party and a couple of guys camping by the river.

All in all it was a fine weekend and one that has inspired me to pay a few more visits to this part of the Highlands.

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  1. Lionel MOREL (France)
    April 20, 2011

    C'est vraiment magnifique Gavin ! That's an awesome place Gavin.


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