2015 Monthly Outdoor Sleeping: January

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January was always going to be a tough gig. The problem is the long nights, or more specifically the late sunrises. With the January sun not rising until after 0800 hrs a midweek outdoor sleep would involve the unappealing prospect of  getting up in the dark to go to work. A weekend would involve the only slightly more appealing prospect of getting up in the dark to go skiing. The whole point of this exercise was to sleep in and see the sunrise, to feel the first rays on my face from the comfort of my sleeping bag, not to rush away from camp in the dark. So in the end January’s outdoor sleep was one of last resort, in a tent in the garden on the 31st. It’s always nice to sleep outdoors, but I far prefer to be wakened by birdsong than by the noise of my neighbour’s oil-fired boiler.  No matter, it did the job; the challenge is on. I will be sure to travel farther afield for February’s.

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