Dirty Deeds

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It is amazing how once an idea – however outlandish – permeates our consciousness, related events seem to follow as if from nowhere. Such information must always be there, yet it normally it passes us by, flowing past in the deluge of information that we struggle to swim through every day. I give you an example from […]

Changing the clocks

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Once again I became briefly agitated about the changing of the clocks at the end of British Summer Time. This year, however, it seems that the views represented in the media are more in favour of your-round British Summer Time than is usually the case. It seems that the English are waking up to the fact […]

Urban exploration in New York

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When this guy realised I was from Scotland he started singing the praises of George Galloway, who is now something of a celebrity in the US Last week I had the opportunity to travel to the US with work.  My itinerary took me to New Jersey, just outside the great city of New York. This was my […]

Scottish tourism revenues: how much does huntin’ fishin’ and shootin’ really contribute?

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The topic of land ownership in Scotland is one that I have tackled on a number of previous occasions on this blog, for it is an important issue and one that affects all hill goers whether they notice it or not. I’m going to revisit these issues this week, armed with some hard numbers about […]

Some thoughts on land ownership

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Recently added fence on the summit of Carn nan tri-Tighearnan, a very visible symbol of land ownership I can vividly remember the first time I became fully conscious of the concept of land ownership. It was 1998 and I was sitting in a cafe cum bookshop in Antigua Guatemala, relaxing with a litre bottle of […]

Renewable energy – could tidal power supply all the UK’s electricity?

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I seem to spend an increasing amount of time engaged in debates with my work colleagues about renewable energy. Usually we exchange a few half-remembered and unverified ‘facts’ until two or more clearly contradictory statements emerge, at which point we retreat from the topic, muttering about checking facts and getting  to the bottom of the matter […]

Does it make any difference if we object to wind power developments ?

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Loch Ness from Lochend beach I am rapidly coming to the dismaying conclusion – based on the recent approval of the vigorously opposed Corriemollie scheme – that an increase in blood pressure is the only thing likely to be gained from the opposition of wind farm developments. As a consequence of the no doubt well-intentioned […]

A rant about GMT

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Every year at this time I briefly become agitated about the changing of the clocks at the end of British Summer Time. Usually I content myself with a brief rant to family members and work colleagues, however this year I am going to indulge myself in my first Official Blog Rant. I don’t object in […]

Ben Bhraggie, Golspie

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From the village of Golspie Ben Bhraggie appears to be a tiny hill, yet on climbing it I found that it is actually a respectable 1300 ft. It is dwarfed by the whopping 100 ft statue of the Duke of Sutherland that graces (or defaces) its summit. Someone has sprayed ‘Monster’ across the base of the […]

Capitalism and the Zeitgeist

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Michael Moore’s documentary ‘Capitalism: A Love Affair’ kept me up later than intended at the weekend (ironically it was an excessive quantity of adverts, rather than the length of the film, that padded it out until one in the morning). If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend seeking it out so that you can […]