National Cycle Route 78 and the Great Glen Way by MTB

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National Cycle Route 78 and the Great Glen Way by MTB

Every working day for the last 12 years I have used my swipe card to raise the same striped barrier. No longer.  On April 7th I handed in my card, laptop and phone and left the protective umbrella of corporate work behind. Though I am excited about the future this change has inevitably left a hole in my life. My […]

2015 Outdoor Sleeping: June

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2015 Outdoor Sleeping: June

Bikepacking test run I’ve always been a big fan of combining mountain biking and overnight trips. At first I would suffer an uncomfortable time carrying a pack, then I graduated to panniers. Panniers are great when you’re moving, but they make the bike extremely unwieldy when pushing uphill, through bog or across rivers. I became […]

Corrour Night Ride

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Corrour Night Ride

  Winter in Scotland is cold, dark and wet. But that is no reason to curtail sporting activity.  What better way to embrace the change in seasons  than by undertaking a 20 mile night ride through wild, unlit moor and forest in torrential rain? At 2031 we loaded our bikes aboard the Caledonian Sleeper at […]

Summer highlights 2013

Summer highlights 2013

I’m going to put it on record that this summer has been one of the best I can remember. After a cold spring it has now been consistently warm and sunny for months. The purpose of this blog post is to bank a few memories of the summer of 2013 so I can refer back […]

Return to Glenbeg bothy

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Return to Glenbeg bothy

Bothying can seem to be a timeless, invariant pursuit, a chance to exchange our ever-changing, data filled world for one that our great-grandfathers would recognise. The reality is somewhat different: bothies come and go with surprising regularity. The last time I visited Glenbeg there were two bothies to choose from: we stayed in the first, a […]

MTB circuit of Carn nan Tri-tighearnan

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Carn na Tri-tighearnan Circuit, 40 miles, 4,500 ft ascent. Ridden anticlockwise Around a year ago I first wrote about my local hills, the high moors that rise to the southeast of Inverness. At the time I noted that a planning application had been lodged for a wind farm on the Moy Estate. This application has subsequently […]

Another MTB traverse of the Cairngorms: Aviemore to Blair Atholl

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  Former bridge at Carnachuin in Glen Feshie     In 1971 the Italian alpinist Reinhold Messner wrote an essay entitled ‘The Murder of the Impossible’, in which he criticised the trend among some mountaineers of the time of drilling holes in the rock to allow the fixing of expansion bolts. His objection was that, by using […]

Plan A: Coll and Tiree by bike. Plan B: Coll by bike and Mull by van.

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Traigh Feall at the western end of Col   The Isle of Bute is, as the tourist board have long maintained, a beautiful island. But is not Hebridean. It lacks that Hebridean magic, the great luminosity which Murray attributed to light reflected from the surrounding sea. That Bute belongs to the B list of islands became clear […]

Cairngorms MTB traverse: Tromie Bridge to Dalnacardoch via Gaick

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Campsite by Loch an t-Seilich. The waves give an indication of the invigorating headwind that I enjoyed on the cycle out. When travelling between Blair Atholl and Kingussie I have never previously given much thought to hinterland that lies to the east, an area roughly the size of the Monadhliath that extends between the A9 […]

Cairngorms: Camping in Glen Quoich

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Camping amid the remnants of the Caledonian Forest in the Southern Cairngorms Of the many outdoor blogs that I read Will Gadd’s is one of my favourites. He did a post of top tips last year that stuck in my mind. Not because I agreed with  most of them but because I agreed and disagreed in […]