A Daylight Approach to Maol Bhuidhe

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A Daylight Approach to Maol Bhuidhe

Some places get inside you, and the remote Maol Bhuidhe bothy is one of those places. My first visit was in the winter of 2008-09 by the most obvious route, a long icy cycle up Glen Elchaig followed by a climb over the Aonach Bhuidhe – Foagaich bealach. We returned a further three times, using a […]

Free Will meets Zen on Jura: October’s Outdoor Sleep

Free Will meets Zen on Jura: October’s Outdoor Sleep

On the weekend straddling October and November I drove south to rendezvous with nine other men, two of whom were the captain and crew of a fast boat. We travelled to the Isle of Jura, where I pitched my tent outside a bothy and spent much of the weekend inside, eating steak and drinking beer. […]

BQ test at Kinbreack bothy

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BQ test at Kinbreack bothy

When I was a lad the only quotient anyone ever mentioned was IQ, the Intelligence Quotient. Then a few years ago the Emotional Intelligence  or EQ was invented in an effort to explain why gregarious dullards often achieve better life success than socially inept geniuses. Now there is another one to contend with, the Body […]

Return to Glenbeg bothy

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Return to Glenbeg bothy

Bothying can seem to be a timeless, invariant pursuit, a chance to exchange our ever-changing, data filled world for one that our great-grandfathers would recognise. The reality is somewhat different: bothies come and go with surprising regularity. The last time I visited Glenbeg there were two bothies to choose from: we stayed in the first, a […]

Yet another night march to Maol Bhuidhe

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Yet another night march to Maol Bhuidhe

Four approaches to Maol Bhuidhe. This year’s from Strathfarrar (red), 2011’s from Killilan via Coire Dohmain (green), 2010’s from Attadale via Bendronaig (blue) and the original from 2008 or 2009, from Killilan via Iron Lodge (orange). Regular readers of this blog will be accustomed to the annual night march to Maol Bhuidhe, perhaps Scotland’s most […]

Another night march to Maol Bhuidhe

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Maol Bhuidhe and a snow-dusted Lurg Mhor Maol Bhuidhe bothy lies in the heart of the great roadless quarter between the Road to the Isles to the South and the Lochcarron road to the North. It is a strong contender for the title of Scotland’s Most Remote Bothy, and this inaccessibility, coupled with the many references […]

Isle of Jura: Corryvreckan Whirlpool; Breacan’s Cave and Glengarrisdale Bothy

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The northern tip of Jura has eluded me on two recent visits to the island. This inaccessibility has only deepened my urge to visit, and over time a specific plan developed, to time the trip to take advantage of the large tides that accompany a full moon, to camp on the headland and to observe the Corryvreckan […]

Culra Bothy

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Culra bothy with Ben Alder beyond I’ve been wanting to get into Culra for quite some time so when a couple of friends announced that they were heading in for the weekend I decided to join them for a night and have a day on the hill. I left home after dinner and arrived about […]

Gleann Dubh Lighe

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I’m not exactly sure how, but a haemorrhoid roll call ritual has become an integral part of our winter bothy trips.All it takes to be counted among the afflicted is to have admitted to a single previous offence. One of our number slept in a doorway about fifteen years ago. This reckless act caused his […]

Bothy trip to Glenbeg

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Bothying is the strangest – and perhaps my favourite – of all outdoor sports .  It is true that it is not for everyone. Some people just don’t get it. Maybe they’re not doing it properly – in order to to ensure that your outing is a satisfying one it is wise to observe a few simple rules. Friday night’s […]