Moroccan Zen: September’s Outdoor Sleep

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Moroccan Zen: September’s Outdoor Sleep

I found myself reaching for the word ‘Zen’ to describe the state of mind induced during and following my recent mountaineering trip to Morocco. But what exactly is Zen?  And why did this single three letter word seem to be a more accurate summation of my experience than any I might aspire to craft from the 8000 words […]

New York

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New York

  The anti-terror paranoia that pervades New York City had started to rub off on me. What if they were out to get me? Manhattan from Staten Island Ferry Train from Summit NJ to New York Penn Station The skyscrapers of the New York skyline, about twenty miles distant, appeared through gaps in faintly autumnal […]

Time travel using Google Earth: Kudle Beach

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  Google Earth image of the beaches of Karnataka, Southern India. Anticlockwise from top left: Gokarna Beach; Kudle Beach; Om Beach It is tempting to regard travel in terms of physical movement, but when one travels it is through both space and time. One does not merely visit a place, rather one experiences a unique […]

Urban exploration in New York

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When this guy realised I was from Scotland he started singing the praises of George Galloway, who is now something of a celebrity in the US Last week I had the opportunity to travel to the US with work.  My itinerary took me to New Jersey, just outside the great city of New York. This was my […]