Some photos of Nairn beach and a little bit of politics

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A bit of a departure from the norm this week. I felt compelled to provide some political commentary in place of the usual travel / outdoor material. Normal service will be resumed next week. I’m working on a plan for the second nocturnal mountain bike journey of the winter season. Trains will  feature once again! […]

Siberian rats, mass emigration and the Scottish psyche

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Might Siberian rats help explain cultural differences between Scotland and the USA? This thought occurred to me as I hunkered down on the slopes of Beinn Bheag, one of the two small hills that are prominent in the view down Loch a’Bhraoin from the A832 past Braemore Junction. The Grahams Groban and Beinn Bheag, flanked […]

A bright future for Scottish winter climbing?

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We may be standing on the threshold of a period of bumper winters! This glimmer of hope for Scottish winter climbing in the face of seemingly inevitable global warming comes from the recent prediction that, over the next decade or so, temperatures might fall, rather than rise. The prevailing westerly wind plays a large part […]

Beautiful autumn day in Appin

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This weekend I attended a wedding in Connel. The views on the drive down on Saturday morning were spectacular. Had I been pedaling down the partially completed traffic free cycle path alongside the A828 rather than hurrying to get to the church I would have taken many more photos!  View down Loch Linnhe from Corran […]

The Cow-Toilet of Kudle Beach

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“I don’t have any toilet,” the Spanish owner explained as we checked into her beach hut complex. “When you need you must go outside into the field. Do not worry. The cow, he is eating everything.” I’m trying out a new idea for the blog – if you look to the right you’ll see a […]

Lochaber Mountain Biking: Corrour to Tulloch via the Euston Sleeper

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On friday night we boarded the 2030 sleeper train at Tulloch station. Had we stayed aboard we could have been breathing the foul air of the Metropolis by 0800 on Saturday morning. Our lungs remained uncontaminated, for it was not the bright lights of the big city that had tempted us aboard. Instead the train […]

The White Shepherd: Walking the Strathfarrar Hills

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The weekend saw the appearance of the ‘white shepherd’, a name for the first snows of winter derived from their effectiveness at flushing grazing sheep from the high tops. The phrase dates back to a bygone era; it was the roaring of stags rather than the bleating of sheep that provided the soundtrack to Sunday’s […]

Running, Grouse, Windfarms and National Parks

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Frequently updated blogs can easily become annoying, but Will Gadd’s is an exception. Reading his thoughts on training made me feel slightly lazy, so I decided to convert my guilty indolence into useful action. I enlisted Tam the dog to accompany me on my favourite hill run, taking in the rounded summit of Beinn Bhuidhe […]