Black Isle coastal walk: Kilmuir to Munlochy

Posted by on Nov 30, 2009 in East Highlands, Landscape | 4 Comments

On Saturday I began my quest to develop my understanding of the landscape by taking a stroll round the coast of the Black Isle from Kilmuir to Munlochy. This is a prime area for raised beaches, formed when the relative sea level was higher than it is at present. The walk also provided an opportunity to test […]


Posted by on Nov 24, 2009 in Bothy, Northwest Highlands | 4 Comments

Took a trip to the A’Chuil bothy in Knoydart at the weekend. It’s always nice to meet up with friends and to be reminded of their charming eccentricities.  For instance, within 30 seconds of parking my van at the head of Loch Arkaig on Friday night I was reminded of just how wet one of […]

Fantasy bothying in Norway

Posted by on Nov 17, 2009 in Bothy, Norway | 10 Comments

Thanks for your comments on last week’s bothy post. I have spent the week mulling over the dilemma that the promotion of outdoor activities poses for antisocial types like myself. Having given the matter some more thought I think that I can see why the Mountain Bothies Association (MBA) have chosed to publish the locations of the bothies […]

Letting the Cat out of the Bothy Bag

Posted by on Nov 10, 2009 in Bothy | 8 Comments

I discovered recently that the Mountain Bothies Association (MBA) has caved in and published a clickable bothy map on their website. Now this information was never secret, but it was previously freely available only to members. A few years back I joined the MBA, obtained the list of bothies and annotated my OS maps with their locations. What […]

A Near Miss with Take That Star Mark Owen’s Wedding Cavalcade

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I really should pay more attention to the Hello magazines that people leave in the coffee room at work. I came within a few feet of Take That star Mark Owen’s wedding cortege this afternoon but didn’t realise it until later, when I read about his wedding in a dogeared copy of the Highland News while I […]

A little project for the long winter nights

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It always feels good to get off your arse and get something done, especially if it’s been on the list for a while. Addressing my woeful lack of knowledge of how the landforms around me were formed is one such task that I have procrastinated over. Since school geography classes I have dabbled in the […]