Fionn Bheinn Skitour (Achnasheen)

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Still very cold; skitouring conditions are excellent but motoring is sometimes challenging. The remote control for unlocking my car met a soggy end some years ago, forcing me to open it with a key like everyone used to in the old days. This old-fashioned ritual becomes problematic when all the locks are choked with ice. […]

Short review of ‘The Wind Farm Scam’ and a bit of skiing

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Welcome to the Christmas edition of my blog. It certainly feels like Christmas round these parts, we’ve had lying snow for well over a week now. The photo below is of  snow-laden pine and willow. I was very pleased that last week’s post elicited a response from David Mackay, the author of the book  ‘Sustainable […]

Some photos from around Inverness

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I’ve got myself a better camera as part of an effort to improve my photography. Below are some photos taken around Inverness last weekend.  Wind turbines above Farr, to the west of the A9 just south of Inverness. Having laid down my objections to the piecemeal development of wind farms in my last post I […]

Windfarms, Sustainable Energy and Biodiversity

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The run up to the Copenhagen climate talks has provoked a rash of anti windfarm chat on the outdoor blogs. I’ve decided to join in and air my reservations about the wind farm frenzy that is currently sweeping the nation. I wrote the text below in response to a post of Chris Townsend’s but  decided to give it an […]

Perlerorneq and Periglacial Trimlines

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Have you ever become so disenchanted during the dark winter months that you’ve felt the urge to chomp on a dog turd? Me neither, but it does happen. Canine coprophagia is a symptom of perlerorneq, the Inuit name for sickness of life in the dark months. I was introduced to this condition  through Barry Lopez’s engaging […]