Night March to Maol Bhuidhe

Posted by on Jan 26, 2010 in Bothy, Northwest Highlands | 7 Comments

There’s nothing quite like wandering through wild country by the light of the moon on a winter’s night. I find the experience exhilarating and always wonder why I don’t indulge myself more frequently. Maol Bhuidhe is one several bothies that provide refuge for travelers through the great wilderness that lies between the Road to the Isles to […]

Fossil hunting in Brora

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“The fossil hunter’s hammer is like a torch; illuminating the past…” The line above came originally from an advert and has lain dormant in my imagination for some years. I can’t recall which product was being advertised but as I write it occurs to me that I may  have unwittingly fallen under the advertiser’s spell […]

A tale of two visits to Creag Meagaidh

Posted by on Jan 12, 2010 in Climb, Ski, West Highlands | 5 Comments

Creag Meagaidh occupies a central position in Scotland both geographically and in terms of mountain sports.  Its cliffs, the view of which unfolds throughout the approach to Coire Ardair like the plot of a good novel, are rivaled in scale only by the likes of Ben Nevis and Ben Lair.  Walking the last few km […]

Creag Meagaidh Skitour: traverse from Aberarder to Moy

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What a tremendous sunny Sunday. We tackled one of Scotland’s 4 star classic skitours, the traverse of Creag Meagaigh from Aberarder to Moy, taking in the summits of three Munros. We had the route to ourselves,  fresh tracks all the way. The snow on the descents was some of the best I have experienced in Scotland. […]

The Electric Pale Ale Acid Test

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It’s been snowing almost constantly since I took this photo and I’m fast running out of places to put the snow. Everywhere round here is similarly affected and the skiing at Cairngorm is truly excellent. Don’t allow yourself to be put off by the weather forecast – we took a chance on a half day yesterday and […]