Informal snowholing and a new full length article in pdf

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There’s been a fair amount of chat this week about the banning of ‘informal camping’ on the east shore of Loch Lomond. This isn’t a term I’d heard before and I suspect it has been coined recently to differentiate car-side, bevvy fuelled,  litter producing camping from the more honourable pedestrian based, zero impact ideal of ‘wild camping’ that is permitted under the access legislation.
A trip to Cairngorm at the weekend revealed that ‘informal snowholing’ is a possibility at present! The slopes immediately to the south of the Ciste car park have a two rows of commodious looking snowholes dug into them. If the urge took you you could simply park up and sneak inside for a night’s kip.
This discovery inspired me to add a new article to the site, documenting a less than entirely restful night spent stormbound in a snowhole, high on the Cairngorm plateau. Click on the link to the right to access a pdf file containing ‘A room without a view: snowholing in the Cairngorms’.

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