Mobile blogging, Douglas Coupland and the Bushbuddy wood burning camp stove

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One of the things that tipped me over the edge into smartphone ownership was the possibility of mobile blogging; this is the third consecutive mobile blog. The other was the ability to suck podcasts directly from the ether onto the playback device, meaning that I am able to catch interesting radio programmes that I would […]

Beware the burning beard

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Do you have a favourite tinder? Some prefer cotton wool or birch bark shavings, others favour the lint from their tumble drier. Availability plays a large part in determining such preference and here in the clean air of the highlands the trees hang heavy with my own tinder of choice, beard lichen. I was lucky […]

An experiment in mobile blogging

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This post reaches you as I prepare to board a sleeper train from Crewe to Inverness after a couple of day’s work in Birmingham. My experience of the place up until now was limited to sitting on the M6 wondering why the traffic wasn’t moving, however I have now scratched below the surface to find […]

Fresh insights into the glaciation of Scotland: Tom Bradwell at the Inverness Field Club

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  A couple of weeks ago I attended one of the Inverness Field Club‘s winter lectures. Despite having very nearly used up half my biblical allocation, I was the youngest person in the audience by a considerable margin. I had been coaxed into this gathering of the grey-haired, this amalgamation of the aged, this exhibition of the elderly, […]