Final leg of the Grand Circle tour

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From Moab we travelled south, making good time. This tempted us into detouring to Hovenweep National Monument, home to some ancestral Puebloan ruins. Ancestral Puebloan being the politically correct version of Anasazi, a word that some found offensive because due to its origin as a Navajo word meaning ‘ancestors of the aliens’, the Navajo having […]

Canyonlands NP, Utah

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Canyonlands truly is a land of canyons. The first photo was taken from the Island in the Sky, the most accessible region of the park. This is a section of table land connected to the ‘mainland’ by a narrow neck. At the foot of the Island’s cliffs lies another plateau, the White Rim, and into […]

Great Toilets of the World Part 2: Cowboy Camp

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Living it up in the luxury of a house sized RV was getting too much. We needed a weekend off to get back to basics and reconnect with nature, so we threw the tent and an esky in the back of a hired jeep and made a break for the backcountry. I found the toilet […]

Arches NP, Utah

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Drinking the Polygamy Porter beer featured in the last post set me wondering about modern Mormons and their views on the practise. As is often the case, no sooner had the question been formed than the answer fell from the book I was reading. Over 60 % of Utah’s population are Mormons. Polygamy is illegal […]

Capitol Reef NP, Utah

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Prior to travelling I always try to minimise my exposure to pictures of my destination. If one has already seen a place through image and video the actual act of visiting can become a mechanical and rather soulless experience, a mere checking off of preconceived activities from a list. It is preferable to travel with […]

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

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When sitting in one’s everyday rut it’s tempting to think that everything would be better if one could be transported to a tropical beach or some faraway, exotic city. I’m fortunate enough to have visited enough of each to realise that travel isn’t a silver bullet guaranteed to bring contentment or happiness; it’s possible to […]

Zion National Park, Utah

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Mobile blogging from Utah’s Zion National Park, basking in the spring sunshine. As you’ll be able to tell from the photo we have hired a modest ‘standard’ RV (recreational vehicle). It may seem obscenely large but most others are much, much bigger. We flew into Las Vegas, not due to any urge for gambling or […]

Great Toilets of the World Part 1: Is this Scotland’s only squat toilet?

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A preference for a hole in the ground style toilet is regarded by most British people as backward and downright uncivilised. I don’t subscribe to this school of lavatorial snobbery however, having recognised the benefits of the squat toilet while travelling in Asia some years ago. It was during this time that I practised and […]

Road Rage in Glen Feshie

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A top up of fresh snow meant that we had to dig our way into the car park at the Red Burn, much to the consternation of a couple of innocent motorists who were trapped in the midst of our skitouring convoy. One was on his way to work and the other felt that his […]