Roads from the Isles: The drove roads and old tracks of the North-West coast of Scotland

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This post takes its title from a book by D.D.C. Pochin Mould, published in 1950. I have recently purchased a copy second hand and am currently reading my way through. The writer makes the point that, unlike the rest of the UK, the Northwest has many more old, unused routes than it has modern roads. […]

The nights are fair drawing in…….

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Winter is fast approaching, the nights are fair drawing in and here in the highlands the trees are just beginning to turn. I’ve had to start using bike lights in the mornings and it won’t be long before lights are required in both directions. For at least four dark months. It’s a peculiar feeling when […]

Canoe trip to Lochindorb Castle

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Lochindorb is a sizable body of water on the Dava Moor, to the north of Grantown on Spey. Its most striking feature is Lochindorb Castle, the thick double walls of which are about 20 feet high. The castle completely fills the island, which is around an acre in size. The castle was one of the […]