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I went to see Ray Mears speak at Eden Court in Inverness at the end of October, expecting to find a backroom full of men with camouflage trousers and facial hair. I was pleasantly surprised however to find that Ray had sold out the sizable main auditorium to a broad cross-section of society. His fan […]

Bothy trip to Glenbeg

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Bothying is the strangest – and perhaps my favourite – of all outdoor sports .  It is true that it is not for everyone. Some people just don’t get it. Maybe they’re not doing it properly – in order to to ensure that your outing is a satisfying one it is wise to observe a few simple rules. Friday night’s […]

A rant about GMT

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Every year at this time I briefly become agitated about the changing of the clocks at the end of British Summer Time. Usually I content myself with a brief rant to family members and work colleagues, however this year I am going to indulge myself in my first Official Blog Rant. I don’t object in […]