Living the dream in Alaska

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Over the last few years Bruce Parry has become one of my favourite television presenters. I was introduced to his work through the documentary series ‘Tribe’ in which he spent time living with a variety of indigenous peoples around the world. The aspect of ‘Tribe’ which I found most interesting was his participation in rituals, […]

A Photo in the Hand is worth a thousand in the Hard Drive

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I have recently rediscovered the joy of the printed photo; the excitement of returning home to find a pack of prints on the doormat. It’s just like the old days before digital photography, but with one important difference. Each image is a perfectly crafted work of art; carefully selected from among dozens of its peers; […]

Back in the saddle on Beinn Dearg

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Hemingway stated that there are only three sports: motor racing, mountain climbing and bull fighting, all other pastimes being mere games. Mountain climbing – the only one of Hemingway’s sports in which I participate – covers a huge and diverse range of endeavour, all the way from a gentle summer afternoon’s hillwalking at one end to extreme […]

Solar Arc

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We are blind to much of the wonder of the natural world. The beauty of great nature writing  is that it can open our eyes to this unseen splendour and provide us with the vocabulary needed to describe phenomena which might otherwise pass us by. In his book ‘Arctic Dreams’ Barry Lopez describes how reflection and […]