Gleann Dubh Lighe

Posted by on Feb 14, 2011 in Bothy, Northwest Highlands | No Comments
I’m not exactly sure how, but a haemorrhoid roll call ritual has become an integral part of our winter bothy trips.All it takes to be counted among the afflicted is to have admitted to a single previous offence. One of our number slept in a doorway about fifteen years ago. This reckless act caused his vascular structures to make a break for it,  charging headlong down his anal canal. Fortunately he was able to arrest them before they achieved external status by breaching the anal verge. He has been dormant on that front ever since but there is no going back; he knows that he is obliged to raise his hand during the bothy bum grape census.
It is always a relief when the show of hands reveals that none amongst us have succumbed since the last trip. Happily the weekend past at Gleann Dubh Lighe was such an occasion.

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