Does it make any difference if we object to wind power developments ?

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Loch Ness from Lochend beach I am rapidly coming to the dismaying conclusion – based on the recent approval of the vigorously opposed Corriemollie scheme – that an increase in blood pressure is the only thing likely to be gained from the opposition of wind farm developments. As a consequence of the no doubt well-intentioned […]

Skiing: La Grave and Cairngorm

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Just back from a long weekend trip to La Grave, a skiing destination with a fearsome reputation and very sparing uplift; a two-stage bubble lift and a single poma.. Pisting is limited to two short blue runs on the glacier at the very top of the mountain, then you’re on your own. What follows depends […]


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A fine saturday at Firemore beach near Poolewe. With no wind and the sun relatively high in the sky it was possible to bask in the sun without a jacket on. Upon arrival I was treated to an encounter with a cheery  local character, an 85 year old who came for a short holiday 23 […]