Iceland Part 5

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This is the 5th and final instalment of my recent trip to Iceland. After traversing the interior using the Kjolur route and then taking a side trip into Askja it was a pleasure to be on mostly tarmac roads when we popped out of the highlands near the town of Egilsstadir. We were on the opposite […]

Iceland part 4

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Modified 4WD vehicles normally look completely over the top, but in Iceland it was our SUV (right) that looked out of place, as if it should have been on the school run rather than fording rivers in the interior. Coincidently, the night before we departed for Iceland, a BBC4 programme was broadcast in which TV […]

Iceland part 3

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This is the third instalment of my Iceland trip report. Have a read of the first and second if you haven’t already. Columnar basalt, the rock found in Fingal’s Cave, the south end of the Isle of Bute and the Giant’s Causeway among other places,  is a common rock in Iceland. It is at its most […]

Iceland continued

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This is the second instalment of of my recent holiday in Iceland. Read the first here. We camped near the top of the Hlid campsite. Below us lay a wooden church, around a previous version of which lava flows had miraculously parted during a volcanic eruption in 1729. To the south lake Myvatn with its […]


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If you live in Scotland and like wild places with no people it can be tricky to select a suitable holiday destination, for a holiday should supply something completely different – and preferably better than -normal weekend activity. This year we chose a camping trip to Iceland, it turned out to be a fabulous trip to […]