Corrour Night Ride

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Winter in Scotland is cold, dark and wet. But that is no reason to curtail sporting activity.  What better way to embrace the change in seasons  than by undertaking a 20 mile night ride through wild, unlit moor and forest in torrential rain?

At 2031 we loaded our bikes aboard the Caledonian Sleeper at Tulloch Station. Fifteen minutes later we de-trained onto Corrour’s rain-lashed platform. We donned full waterproofs after a delicious pint of  Corrour Gold in the hostel’s cosy bar. The ride was everything we could have hoped for: the darkness was complete; the rain grew steadily heavier as we rode, tracing a forest of silver threads in our light beams.

Such acclimatisation should help maintain bicycle commuting throughout the winter. After all, if you do things like this for fun, what possible excuse could there be for jumping in the car on a cold wet morning?

We did this ride four years ago in similar conditions.

Photos © Donald Morris.



  1. Paul Power
    October 31, 2013

    That is some light from your bike light, could you please let me know what kind it is. Love the idea of your run, would be good under a full moon.
    Cheers Paul.

    • Gavin
      October 31, 2013

      Hi Paul,

      My light is an Exposure MaxxD, the model from a few years ago which is rated at 1300 Lumens. I like exposure because all the workings are enclosed within a small aluminium cylinder. You can get the same light for much less money with a Magic Shine but these are two piece numbers with a cable and an external battery pack. For technical riding a bright headlamp is also recommended; I use a Petzl Nao which was one of the first compact high powered headlamps. Now there are may others available but the reactive lighting feature of the Nao (bright when looking into the distance but dims for close-up work) makes the most of the battery so it’s definitely worth a look.

      High powered lighting isn’t cheap but it’s life-changing if you spend a lot of time outdoors during winter in the high latitudes.


  2. Paul Power
    November 1, 2013

    Thanks G will look them up.


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