The Bevvy Bivvy

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“Right,” I announced, swaying slightly in the near dark as I swirled the dregs of my can. “I’m going to crack open another beer for the final push to the summit”.

My brother leant forward, bracing himself for a hearty guffaw.

“You do realise that you said exactly the same thing, standing on exactly the same spot, when you cracked open that can you’re just about to finish?”

I hadn’t realised. But now I understood why it was taking so long to reach the summit of Stob Coire Sgriodain. It was well after midnight and we were still squelching up boggy slopes, a long way short of the spot where we planned to pass the night.

Welcome to the world of the Bevvy Bivvy, a little known but highly advanced outdoor activity. It’s a bit like going to the pub, except you have to bring a carry out and climb up a mountain while drinking it.

I’d allocated five cans of lager, one miniature of Icelandic schnapps and two of malt for the ascent. Only a splash of whisky made it to the summit, but it was all that I had any appetite for at half past three in the morning.

We were able to capitalise on those hard-won miles in the morning by making an early start on the long day ahead.  At half past ten.

In this era of nannying, where some deem it irresponsible to go hillwalking without first having taken a course, asked a dozen questions on  Facebook groups and equipped oneself for the Arctic with gaiters, poles, etc, it is hard to imagine a more foolish or irresponsible combination of activities than bivvying and bevvying. Which is probably why it is so much fun.

Here’s a few pics from the round of Loch Treig that followed

Binean Shaus from Chno Dearg

Chno Dearg

Stob Coire Easain and Stob a’Choire Mheadhoin

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