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LivingMountain.net uses words and images to explore the connections that exist between landscape and identity. We are all products of our environment, for the human race has effectively grown from the rocks over a few million years. Landscape is the canvas onto which we paint the stories of our lives; places help provide the punctuation needed to make sense of it all. Landscape defines what we are and what we might become.

My preferred format is that of first person narrative, in which physical movement through the landscape is used to frame up an intellectual or philosophical journey. Topics that interest me include human origins and migration, landscape interpretation, human motivation and climate science.

About Gavin Macfie

I am a writer, scientist and outdoorsman. Following a nicely timed redundancy I am enjoying the luxury of being able to write full time. I am working on a couple of non-fiction book projects at present, both of which will be launched during 2018.

In my past life I spent fifteen years working as a scientist in the Medical Devices, Specialty Chemicals and Oilfield Services sectors. I hold a degree in Applied Chemistry from the University of Strathclyde and a DPhil in Physical Chemistry from the University of Oxford. Part of my doctoral studies were spent in Buenos Aires, working at Argentine Atomic Energy Centre (CNEA). I am accredited as both a Chartered Chemist (CChem) and a Chartered Scientist (CSci). I have authored eight papers in international peer-reviewed journals and am a prolific inventor, having filed more than twenty patent applications.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel throughout the globe. My sporting interests include the various disciplines of mountaineering, hiking, camping, biking, running, skiing, and canoeing. I live in Inverness, Scotland, with my wife and two young daughters.

Working with LivingMountain.net

The LivingMountain.net project exists because I love to write and want to present my material to as wide an audience as possible. Do get in touch if you would like to feature any of my original content on your website or publication.

Article and copywriting services are available. Rates will vary depending on the intended end use and on the level of research required. I welcome enquiries – use the contact form to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

History of LivingMountain.net

LivingMountain.net replaced my previous project, ‘Gavin Macfie’s 57 Degrees North’ in October 2013. Archive material posted prior to this date may not display optimally, particularly on mobile devices. Any visits to 57 Degrees North should be re-directed to the corresponding page on LivingMountain.net. Similarly, subscribers to 57 Degrees North should receive notification when LivingMountain.net is updated. If you subscribe to both feeds you may receive duplicate notifications.

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  1. mark ingram
    December 4, 2013

    Mark-Monar.Blogspot.co.uk might strike a chord it’s a blog that mentions how I discovered Maol Bhuidhe. Keep the dream alive and best wishes, Mark.

  2. Dale Hughes
    April 15, 2014

    Are you the Gain Mcfie I was at uni with starting at Strathclyde in the Thomas Graham building in 1992?

    • Gavin
      April 16, 2014

      I am indeed. Seems a long time ago now! How has your life been?


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