Keep Off the Grass: A Grand Tour of England

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Officious men wearing bowler hats will ensure that you keep off the grass in Oxford, but whose job is it to make sure you don’t stray too far from the footpaths, bridleways and byways of rural England? During last week’s tour of the south it dawned on me that Ordnance Survey maps provide an unexpected insight […]

Northumberland’s sleeping rainbow

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The most memorable aspect of my recent trip to Utah was the vivid colours of the exposed rock, as if they were being illuminated from within with a red light, much as blue light appears to emanate from within the ice of a glacier. So striking are the allsort stripes of Capitol Reef that the […]

An experiment in mobile blogging

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This post reaches you as I prepare to board a sleeper train from Crewe to Inverness after a couple of day’s work in Birmingham. My experience of the place up until now was limited to sitting on the M6 wondering why the traffic wasn’t moving, however I have now scratched below the surface to find […]