New York

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New York

  The anti-terror paranoia that pervades New York City had started to rub off on me. What if they were out to get me? Manhattan from Staten Island Ferry Train from Summit NJ to New York Penn Station The skyscrapers of the New York skyline, about twenty miles distant, appeared through gaps in faintly autumnal […]

Urban exploration in New York

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When this guy realised I was from Scotland he started singing the praises of George Galloway, who is now something of a celebrity in the US Last week I had the opportunity to travel to the US with work.  My itinerary took me to New Jersey, just outside the great city of New York. This was my […]

Living the dream in Alaska

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Over the last few years Bruce Parry has become one of my favourite television presenters. I was introduced to his work through the documentary series ‘Tribe’ in which he spent time living with a variety of indigenous peoples around the world. The aspect of ‘Tribe’ which I found most interesting was his participation in rituals, […]

A Photo in the Hand is worth a thousand in the Hard Drive

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I have recently rediscovered the joy of the printed photo; the excitement of returning home to find a pack of prints on the doormat. It’s just like the old days before digital photography, but with one important difference. Each image is a perfectly crafted work of art; carefully selected from among dozens of its peers; […]

Back to reality: from one outdoor paradise to another

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During my visit to the Grand Canyon I was reading John Wesley Powell’s account of the original exploration in 1869 (I think). In his summing up he suggested that, should one be desirous of a full appreciation of the vastness of the canyon and of the variety of its landscapes, it would be necessary to […]

Final leg of the Grand Circle tour

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From Moab we travelled south, making good time. This tempted us into detouring to Hovenweep National Monument, home to some ancestral Puebloan ruins. Ancestral Puebloan being the politically correct version of Anasazi, a word that some found offensive because due to its origin as a Navajo word meaning ‘ancestors of the aliens’, the Navajo having […]

Canyonlands NP, Utah

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Canyonlands truly is a land of canyons. The first photo was taken from the Island in the Sky, the most accessible region of the park. This is a section of table land connected to the ‘mainland’ by a narrow neck. At the foot of the Island’s cliffs lies another plateau, the White Rim, and into […]

Great Toilets of the World Part 2: Cowboy Camp

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Living it up in the luxury of a house sized RV was getting too much. We needed a weekend off to get back to basics and reconnect with nature, so we threw the tent and an esky in the back of a hired jeep and made a break for the backcountry. I found the toilet […]

Arches NP, Utah

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Drinking the Polygamy Porter beer featured in the last post set me wondering about modern Mormons and their views on the practise. As is often the case, no sooner had the question been formed than the answer fell from the book I was reading. Over 60 % of Utah’s population are Mormons. Polygamy is illegal […]

Capitol Reef NP, Utah

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Prior to travelling I always try to minimise my exposure to pictures of my destination. If one has already seen a place through image and video the actual act of visiting can become a mechanical and rather soulless experience, a mere checking off of preconceived activities from a list. It is preferable to travel with […]