Canadian Toilet Blackout: July’s Outdoor Sleep

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Canadian Toilet Blackout: July’s Outdoor Sleep

When holidays stop being fun I first encountered those grey shadow men when entered the world of work, men for whom holidays were not fun but duty or ordeal. I looked into their hollow eyes and knew that I could never become one of them. Years later, having assumed many of their characteristics; the receding […]

Dirty Deeds

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It is amazing how once an idea – however outlandish – permeates our consciousness, related events seem to follow as if from nowhere. Such information must always be there, yet it normally it passes us by, flowing past in the deluge of information that we struggle to swim through every day. I give you an example from […]

Great Toilets of the World Part 3: Victorian Toilets, Rothesay Pier

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The Victorian Toilets on Rothesay Pier, Isle of Bute I spent last week ‘doon the watter’ on the Isle of Bute, celebrating my granny’s 90th birthday with a host of relations, some drawn from the other side of the world for the occasion. I go to Bute at least twice a year, but my visits […]

Ben Bhraggie, Golspie

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From the village of Golspie Ben Bhraggie appears to be a tiny hill, yet on climbing it I found that it is actually a respectable 1300 ft. It is dwarfed by the whopping 100 ft statue of the Duke of Sutherland that graces (or defaces) its summit. Someone has sprayed ‘Monster’ across the base of the […]

Great Toilets of the World Part 2: Cowboy Camp

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Living it up in the luxury of a house sized RV was getting too much. We needed a weekend off to get back to basics and reconnect with nature, so we threw the tent and an esky in the back of a hired jeep and made a break for the backcountry. I found the toilet […]

Great Toilets of the World Part 1: Is this Scotland’s only squat toilet?

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A preference for a hole in the ground style toilet is regarded by most British people as backward and downright uncivilised. I don’t subscribe to this school of lavatorial snobbery however, having recognised the benefits of the squat toilet while travelling in Asia some years ago. It was during this time that I practised and […]

Bananas and Brown Dogs on Ben Nevis

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The summit plateau may be infested with banana peel, but an even greater hazard plagues the area surrounding the Ben Nevis North Face car park at Torlundy and the approach up the Allt a’Mhuillin; they are practically paved with excrement. Ben Nevis reflected in the calm waters of Loch Eil (February 2007) The John Muir […]

On Toilet Humour

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Curiously, almost all of the positive feedback I have received about my blogging to date has been related to the toilet humour content. I did briefly consider blogging exclusively on matters lavatorial. The thing that dissuaded me was not any concern about my ability to crimp out sufficient words on the topic each week, it […]