Outdoor sleeping catchup: August to November

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Outdoor sleeping catchup: August to November

I’m now at 21 months straight on this monthly outdoor sleeping challenge and have a real mixed bag over the summer and autumn- from the enlightenment inducing Tien Shan mountains of Kazakhstan to a hungover doss in Strontian campsite. Going to make more of an effort to keep up to date from now on! Loch […]

Canoe trip to Lochindorb Castle

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Lochindorb is a sizable body of water on the Dava Moor, to the north of Grantown on Spey. Its most striking feature is Lochindorb Castle, the thick double walls of which are about 20 feet high. The castle completely fills the island, which is around an acre in size. The castle was one of the […]

Canadian canoeing on Loch Maree

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The weekend brought news of a canoeing accident on Loch Maree that claimed the lives of a father and son. This got me thinking about the sport, about its risks and its rewards. Canadian canoeing has grown in popularity in recent years due to the ready availability of affordable plastic boats. I have been a […]