How to avoid withdrawal symptoms when your smartphone needs repaired

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How to avoid withdrawal symptoms when your smartphone needs repaired

It’s a very modern type of crisis – how on earth do you cope if you have to send your smartphone away for repair? It’s been preying on my mind ever since I got my first smartphone five years ago. What would I do if it broke, or I lost it, and I was deprived of […]

A Photo in the Hand is worth a thousand in the Hard Drive

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I have recently rediscovered the joy of the printed photo; the excitement of returning home to find a pack of prints on the doormat. It’s just like the old days before digital photography, but with one important difference. Each image is a perfectly crafted work of art; carefully selected from among dozens of its peers; […]

Wildflower / Bush Tucker identification in the age of the smartphone

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The persistently chilly north wind is a reminder that winter is still lurking nearby, yet spring, that most optimistic of seasons, is very much upon us. Wildflowers are popping up all around and this year I have resolved to identify the little devils as they appear. This isn’t the first year that I have made such […]

Mobile blogging, Douglas Coupland and the Bushbuddy wood burning camp stove

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One of the things that tipped me over the edge into smartphone ownership was the possibility of mobile blogging; this is the third consecutive mobile blog. The other was the ability to suck podcasts directly from the ether onto the playback device, meaning that I am able to catch interesting radio programmes that I would […]

An experiment in mobile blogging

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This post reaches you as I prepare to board a sleeper train from Crewe to Inverness after a couple of day’s work in Birmingham. My experience of the place up until now was limited to sitting on the M6 wondering why the traffic wasn’t moving, however I have now scratched below the surface to find […]