A Near Miss with Take That Star Mark Owen’s Wedding Cavalcade

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I really should pay more attention to the Hello magazines that people leave in the coffee room at work. I came within a few feet of Take That star Mark Owen’s wedding cortege this afternoon but didn’t realise it until later, when I read about his wedding in a dogeared copy of the Highland News while I […]

A little project for the long winter nights

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It always feels good to get off your arse and get something done, especially if it’s been on the list for a while. Addressing my woeful lack of knowledge of how the landforms around me were formed is one such task that I have procrastinated over. Since school geography classes I have dabbled in the […]

The Cow-Toilet of Kudle Beach

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“I don’t have any toilet,” the Spanish owner explained as we checked into her beach hut complex. “When you need you must go outside into the field. Do not worry. The cow, he is eating everything.” I’m trying out a new idea for the blog – if you look to the right you’ll see a […]

One wedding and an operation

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Haven’t had any time for blogging this week due to just having had one of the most eventful weeks of my life, crammed full of highs and lows. On saturday I got married – a great day and a great relief that all went well. On monday morning we took our daughter into hospital to have her hip dysplasia fixed. […]

Wickerman Festival

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A rather different type of outdoor activity this weekend. To celebrate the occasion of Mearnsey Boy’s stag doo we journeyed to sunny Dumfries-shire to enjoy the Wickerman Festival. The famed southwest microclimate didn’t disappoint, dispensing bright sunshine from a blue sky.I was most impressed by the festival itself. It was a good size, yet it […]